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Welcome to Mr. Green Christmas, Cherriā€™s tribute to Heat Miser from The Year Without A Santa Claus. Heat is a very jealous and hot headed individual. He is really great but constantly fights with his brother, Snow. Heat Miser, I think, is just a bit misunderstood and lonely. Below are all my thoughts and opinions as well as true facts. Hope you like it! Spoilers are also below.

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The Year Without A Santa Claus

The Year Without A Santa ClausThe Year Without a Santa Claus is a 1974 Rankin/Bass stop motion animated television special. The story is based on Phyllis McGinley's 1956 book of the same name, illustrated by Kurt Werth. It was originally broadcast December 10, 1974 on ABC.

The Year Without A Santa Claus is about the time Santa decided no one needed a Christmas. Santa had gotten a cold and like everyone who gets a cold they are short of dying and nothing matters. Plus no one had any holiday cheer, the grumpy doctor said so! So, Mrs. Claus tries her hardest to show her husband that he is wrong. (Hey! It's her right as his wife to prove him wrong at every turn. Ask any married couple.) Will her plan go well? Will Santa do his job for the children? Will the children be happy? Is there any cheer left? What is gonna happen!?

Spin Offs

There have been a few spin-offs, A Miser Brother's Christmas and a live action of A Year Without A Santa Claus. I have seen neither and have no opinions or thoughts on the matter. This section will be updated if I ever watch them.

They Call Me Heat Miser

Heat Miser Heat Miser is a fiery being. He is the son of mother nature and the brother of Snow Miser. He could be an ogre or goblin but his powers are completely heat based. He is also a very jealous guy. Heat is convinced that Santa, Mother, and everyone else prefer Snow Miser. Everyone wants a "White Christmas"; no one wants a "tropical beach Christmas." That's why the little fella is so jealous and lonely. He feels like Snow Miser is represented more. He may act like a tough fire shooting ogre but he is quite sensitive and just wants some good attention. Heat wants people to want the warm rays of the sun. He wants to be wanted. It's got to be tough on him.

Heat will also attack anything that gets too close to him; Jingle, Jangle, and poor little Vixen find this out when they fly through one of Snow and Heat's fights. Whether it was intentional or not they get it. But I'm pretty sure they knew they were Santa's guys and Heat attacked. Later Mrs. Claus tries to get him to help but he refuses, he doesn't want to allow a white Christmas in his lands because he thinks they will like it better. Though Mrs. Claus grows tired of dealing with the Miser Brothers and goes to their mother, Mother Nature. She sorts it out and Heat and Snow must do what they are told.

I think that Heat Miser will one day see that not everyone wants a "White Christmas" and that there are people who prefer the heat and sun. It'll just take some time.

His Powers

Heat has control over fire and heat. He can shoot fire balls and melt things. Unlike his brother he cannot return things back to their original form. For instance, Snow can freeze something and then it'll melt and he can change it back to ice because he has power over ice and snow (more likely he has power over water vapor). Once Heat melts something it's gone. So he is also destructive but it goes with his jealous personality.

Ogre or Goblin?

What is he? I'm going to go with a mix between ogre and goblin. Heat and Frost are shown to be human size. Mrs. Clause and Mother Nature look about the same height or maybe a little shorter. Goblins are tricky and often posses magical powers but orges are very tall. So Heat could be a mix between the two. Or he could even been a Jinn, like Ifrit (maybe you know this from the Final Fantasy series or Arabic mythology). So, Ifrits are fire creatures that are born from murder victims and are often jealous. It's possible that they could all be parts of Heat Miser. Or he could even be a Fire Titan! Prometheus was a titan that brought fire to the world, Heat could be based upon him. It's hard to say what he is exactly. Though I figure Goblin to be the most likey other than the size issue.

Family Life

Heat Miser has a big family due to being Mother Nature's son. While he is a step son, he is a son nonetheless. He has a lot of siblings, Earthquake, Thunder and Lighting, the Tides, North Wind and Snow Miser.

Heat Miser and his brothers fight with each other quite a bit and things get destroyed in the process. This upsets Mother Nature and she punishes them for it. Being a son of Mother Nature would be stressful. She is a very powerful deity and it's hard not to compare yourself or live in the shadow of it. Or other people bring it up and expecting more from you because of it.

Then there are all his sibings. Though I think he is closest to Snow Miser, they are half brothers and have similar powers. Though they fight constantly they Snow probably is the only one that can talk to him.

How is he with Mother?

Mother Nature is the step mother to Heat Miser, how ever she isn't evil about it. She's just a mother. When he misbehaves, she punishes him. When he does good, she praises him. When Mrs. Claus needs the boys help to save Christmas, Mother Nature makes them help. Heat Miser and Snow Miser both disagreed but she yelled at them. They agree to help but only because their mother makes them. I believe that Mother Nature and Heat Miser get along. The whole step thing doesn't seem to be an issue here. Most times from what I've seen or heard, Step Mothers are the worst. But Mother Nature seems like any other birth mother. So if they have no problems, neither do I. Mother Nature treats all her children the same.

Relationship with Snow

Heat and Snow argue quite a lot. And it seems that Snowy doesn't know why. Snow is a fun loving guy who does love his brother but knows that Heat won't go for anything. Heat is actually jealous of his brother and takes it out on him a lot. It's only when their Mother gets involved that they actually work together otherwise it's a melted snowball fight. Though I think these two could possibly get a long without their mother, it would just take time. And a lot of praise and giving Heat more attention than Snow. I don't think they would actually hurt each other purposely either. Heat feels that Snow gets represented more by Santa and so he feels that Santa likes him better this is a huge reason for his jealousy.

Living in Heat's Territory and being a sibling

Personally, I live in Heat Miser's territory. It's always warm, though it can get chilly, the sun is always out. Very rarely does it rain and snow is even more rare. I am used to it all, Green Christmases is generally what I get and I'm okay with that. Sure, I'd like it to snow but only because I rarely get to see it. It's like those rare treats you get where you just get stupid excited for it. The thing is, I hate being cold. I cannot stand it. It drives me crazy. So I do prefer the warmth. When I was younger I always wanted it to snow (mostly so school would get a snow day) but now I'm okay with it not snowing. Sure it'd be nice but I don't need it or really want it. A Green Christmas is just as good as a White Christmas. Plus I got hit with a packed snowball to the ear when I was a kid, not too fond of the stuff now.

I'm also a sibling! Biological just a younger one, but friendship wise younger and older. It's awesome having siblings and I don't believe that blood matters. The thing with siblings though, is jealousy and not feeling good enough. Like you have to compare to each other or they are just better at everything. I've been jealous of my sister and I've thought she was better than me. Yup, I've felt like the whole world loves her more. But the thing is even if she is the world's favorite, I'm her favorite. And honestly, that's pretty awesome. It's hard somedays but you get over the imagined slights and have coffee together. I do get where Heat is coming from and that's why I have hope that he and Snow will get along. Another thing is that I'm more firey than my sister, whose screen name is Snow. Just a fun fact.

Voice of a Miser

George S. Irving George S. Irving is the voice and singing voice of Heat Miser in both animated appearances. Mr. Irving was born on November 1, 1922 in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA as George Irving Shelasky. He is an actor, known for Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales (Narrator), The Year Without a Santa Claus (Heat Miser) and A Miser Brothers' Christmas (Heat Mister). Personally, I love him as Heat Miser, fiery, jealous, and a great dancer. While he is on Broadway he is most know for Heat Miser. Also he is still alive at 92 years of age, which is just amazing. I think his voice is perfect for Heat Miser. But of course, I've heard no others as him and so I'm completely bias in this. I also like that he was able to do the singing as well, I like when voices have the same singing voice. It doesn't always happen but I like it when it does.

I've never seen the live-action but Mr. Irving does not play him. He is instead portrayed by Harvey Fierstien. I've never seen the live action and so I don't have anything to say.

Heat Miser's Song

Here are the lyrics to Heat Miser's song the hot headed counterpart to Snow Miser. Heat sings this song with the Mini Heat Misers. This is one of my favorites along with Snow Miser's Song and I Believe In Santa Claus. It can probably be found on YouTube, but watching the movie is more fun and you won't get as many weird looks from family members while dancing on the couches.

Heat Miser:
I'm Mr. Green Christmas,
I'm Mr. Sun.
I'm Mr. Heat Blister,
I'm Mr. Hundred And One.

Heat Miser and the Mini Misers They call me Heat Miser,
Whatever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch.
I'm too much!

Mini Misers:
He's Mr. Green Christmas
He's Mr. Sun.
He's Mr. Heat Blister,
He's Mr. Hundred And One!

Heat Miser:
They call me Heat Miser,
Whatever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch.

Mini Misers:
He's too much.

Heat Miser:
(Spoken:Thank you.)
I never want to know a day that's under sixty degrees,
I'd rather have it eighty, ninety, one hundred degrees!
(Spoken:Oh some like it hot but I like it really hot!)

Mini Misers:
He's Mr. Green Christmas
Heat Miser and the Mini MisersHe's Mr. Sun.

Heat Miser:
(Spoken: Sing it!)

Mini Misers:
He's Mr. Heat Blister,
He's Mr. Hundred And One!

Heat Miser:
They call me Heat Miser,
Whatever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch!
I'm too much!

Heat Miser and Mini Misers:
(Spoken) Too much!

About The Site

Mr. Green Christams is part of a project with my buddy, Sarah. Mr. Green Christmas was created after Christmas due to being busy before and going through some dark emotions. But it's all good now!


Layout was created in Adobe Photoshop CS4 as it's the only program that decided to work after my laptop upgraded itself to Windows 8.1. *sigh* Textures used are from Velvet Factory and fonts (Book Antiqua, Felix Titling and Bleeding Cowboys) from DaFont. Hand coded in Dreamwaver CS4. And the color palette was looked over by my sister, Snow. The Blues and Snow are about because it's like he is visiting or just saying "Hello, how do you do?" I thought it would be funny and so did my sister since it was her idea.

Name and Why

I generally spilt these two parts but it's all for the same reason: Sarah. She and I had been complaining about our weather. Hers is cold where mine is hot and so we blamed the Miser brothers. We talked about trading brothers since I wanted it cold and she wanted it hot. So one day I mentioned that I was thinking about making a Heat Miser shrine and she responded with "You better not be joking cause I want to do one for Snow!" and so it happened. Then it was decided we would work on them during December and we chose the names "Mr. Green/White Christmas" because it just suited them so well as well as the Christmases we would have.

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