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Welcome to Bell Ringer, a One Page tribute to the...bell ringer of Notre Dame, Quasimodo of Hunchback of Notre Dame by Disney. He is kind hearted, strong, talented and adorable. And I may call him "Quasi" as it was a nickname given to him and shorter than spelling his full name. Quasi is a great guy and Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of my favorite movies. I hope to give Quasi justice though this one page. This site is part of Amassment's One Page, One Month Encore.

This site (probably) contains spoilers.

Title The Hunchback of Notre Dame is about a lovable and deformed bell ringer. It shows his quest to fit in and making friends. He meets and befriends the inticing gypsy dancer, Esmeralda. Quasimodo is raised by the wicked and cruel Judge Claude Frollo by order of the Archdeacon. And has a rivalry turned comrade with captian Phoebus. Quasi must learn right from wrong, decern between truth and lies, and to follow his heart not his master. His friendships are more important that rescuing some beautiful princess.

The Bells of Notre Dame

Quasimodo, Quasi for short, was born to an unnamed gypsy woman and an unknown man. Quasi’s mother was sneaking into the city with two other gypsies. However, Frollo caught wind of it and chased them down thinking the mother stole something he chased her more. The two men she was with were arrested. The gypsy woman tried going into Notre Dame but could not open the doors with the baby in her arms. She screamed “Sanctuary” as she kept trying to open the doors and gain sanctuary. Frollo caught up with her, tried to take the baby, and kicked her down. It killed her when she hit the steps of Notre Dame. Frollo removed the blanket and saw a hideous creature just as he was about to throw it down the well, the Archdeacon came out and ordered Frollo to raise the baby. He reluctantly agreed but the child had to be raised out of sight in the bell tower. Then Frollo named the baby, Quasimodo. And for the next twenty years he lives in that bell tower. Where he was constantly put down and raised to believe he was hideous.

Festival of Fools

For twenty years Quasimodo stayed in the bell tower of Notre Dame. He rang the bells, he learned everything he could when Frollo visited, and he hung out with his gargoyle friends. Quasi also learned that the world was cold and wicked and he was safe in the bell tower. However, he yearned to leave and just spend one day with the people and go to the Festival of Fools.

Quasi tries to keep it a secret from his master (Frollo) that he wishes to go out but during his studies he lets it slip. Only to be reminded how ugly he is and how the world is dark and cruel. However, his friends (mostly Hugo and a bit a Laverne) talk him into it and Quasi sneaks out. It’s only for one day. While out in town he is so overcome by everything he ends up tripping into Esmeralda’s tent. She makes sure he is okay and complements his mask and he makes his way out. Slowly he is realizing his master was wrong about the world. Then it’s time to find out who the “King of Fools” is. People are brought up on stage and the ugliest is named king, as everything is topsy turvy and backwards for the day! Esmeralda pulls Quasimodo up unaware that it’s his face and pulls. Everyone is quite shocked that it is his face but Clopan covers and says “You all saw how ugly last year’s king is.” Then everyone is okay and Quasi is named “King of Fools”. But misfortune arrives when a soldier throws food at him and gets the rest to riot with him. Quasi is tied down, spun around, laughed at and covered in food. He calls to Frollo for help, Phoebus wants to help, but Frollo refuses. Esmeralda then defends him against the town and then insults Frollo. (This scene is very sad and I nearly cry when I watch it.)

After the events of the day Quasi returns to the bell tower and knows his master was right about the world and he is depressed. Then Esmeralda shows up inside and spends some time with him. He helps her escape from Notre Dame and she gives him a pendent that’s a map in return. She’s the first person to treat him so kindly that he develops a crush on her.

Later, he finds that she already has a boyfriend, Phoebus. Esmeralda asked Quasi for help, Phoebus has been shot and needs to rest. Quasimodo being the good guy that he is and since he loves her so much, he agrees to it. She leaves and the two men leave a little later after finding out a devious plot against the gypsies. They argue like close brothers but put aside their differences for Esmeralda and go looking for her. And when they find her they are captured and nearly hung. Esmeralda came to their defense again and they explain what is going to happen. Just seconds before Frollo appears and thanks Quasi for leading them there. The city is at war and Esmeralda has been capture and is to be burned. Phoebus also captured and Quasimodo chained up inside Notre Dame.

As Quasi sees Esmeralda at the stake and some guilt tripping by Laverne, he breaks free and goes to save her. After saving her, he takes her inside Notre Dame and claims “Sanctuary”. Frollo is quite upset and tries to kill Quasimodo. The two battle for a little and Frollo reveals how he met Quasimodo and how he killed his mother. The young bell ringer grows furious and now realizes the truth. The world isn’t dark and cruel but Frollo is. The battle continues, Quasi nearly falls off of Notre Dame but Esmeralda appears and does her best to try to pull him up. Frollo comes up and tries to kill them both but fails and falls himself.

Quasi and Esmeralda hug and Phoebus shows up and misunderstands. Quasi hugs him too and puts his (Phoebus’s) hand in Esmeralda and then puts his own hands around theirs. They take him outside with them and a little girl comes up to Quasimodo and touches his face, then gives him a big hug.

Just to live one day out there

There is a second Hunchback of Notre Dame movie, I haven’t seen it though. However, Quasi is sure to save the woman and hopefully maybe this one will be his.

He also finally gets an appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. His role is similar to the movie and depending on Sora or Riku’s story is how it plays out. Sora sees the festival of fools while Riku doesn’t. I won’t spoil too much but Frollo, Phoebus, and Esmeralda all appear too. Also for once, Riku’s story seems closer to the movie than Sora’s, if I remember correctly.


Quasimodo is quite fond of Esmeralda. He develops quite the crush on her. Even after his heart is broken, he still cares for her and would do anything. She was the first person to be nice and caring towards him. So she holds a special place in his heart. He does break out of his prison to save her. Even though he can’t call her “his”; he will still be there to help her. (Friendship is beautiful.) They are very close friends and I like how it was portrayed.

Phoebus and Quaismodo aren’t too fond of each other at first. Both over thinking the Esmeralda situation, both wanting to protect her, and both not wanting to share her. And of course they don’t trust each other. They do sort out their differences when they need to find her and they start to get along. Later they do become great friends. Their growth with each other was shown from bitter rivals in love to brothers in arms. They both would do anything for Esmeralda and that is what causes them to start their friendship. Because of Esmeralda, Quasimodo has more friends.

Frollo, the surrogate father, he never wanted Quasimodo. And it’s pretty obvious to everyone except poor Quasi. The poor child doesn’t understand Frollo and defends him. “He is just looking out for me” is what Quasi says. Frollo is abusive, mean, cold, wicked and just an all around evil man. Their relationship is very much like Rapunzal and her mother in Tangled, another Disney movie. Anyway, Quasimodo realizes that Frollo is all the things that he said the world was and is quite angry with him but doesn’t kill him. Divine intervention! Quasi is able to get out of the abusive relationship and that’s the important part.

Quasimodo’s three friends are the gargoyles that live on Notre Dame. There is Victor, Hugo and Laverne. Now I’m not sure if these three come to life or if that’s Quasi’s imagination. Either way the four are very close friends. They talk him into all kinds of things. Like going to the festival and that Esmeralda is in love with him. They are a little wrong but they do want what is best for Quasimodo and they know that staying in the bell tower and Frollo are both bad for him. The last things they do for Quasi is talk him into saving Esmeralda from burning. Laverne is quite skilled in guilt tripping.


I really like The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The music and characters are great. And I want to read the novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” by Victor Hugo. Maybe I could add more about that Quasimodo and his life. Quasimodo is a great guy and he is super adorable. He doesn’t get the girl but he is friends with her and that’s enough for him. And honestly, I’m quite fond of the way Disney did that. It’s different from the other movies where boy meets girl and they end up together.

Quasi shares some qualities with Disney’s princesses Rapunzal (Tangled) and Vanellope (Wreck It Ralph), and I love all three characters and the movies. He and Rapunzal where separated from their families and raised by someone else; they both thought they were good people. He and Vanellope were made fun of but made valuable friends. He also shares some qualities with Beast (Beauty and the Beast), both are hideous as described by movie characters but both are actually quite nice and would do anything for their ladies. (But Beast had to learn to be nice where Quasi was genuinely nice)

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