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This is Cherri's one page tribute to Disney's President Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph. She's adorable and a winner and everyone loves adorable winners. I decided to make this page after seeing the movie for the first time, well obviously. What I mean is while watching the movie I wanted to make a page for Vanellope. And here it is.

Wreck-It RalphWreck-It Ralph is about a "bad guy" named Wreck-It Ralph but most times he’s just called Ralph. One day Ralph gets tired of being a bad guy and he goes to Bad Anon over in the PAC-Man game. He tells the others how he is feeling and that he doesn't want to be a bad guy anymore. They don't take it too well and Ralph goes home and gets into a fight with the mayor of Fix-It Felix Jr. and wants to win a medal. Ralph then goes on a game hopping journey to win a medal and be treated better. After a couple of games he ends up in Sugar Rush and befriends a little racer girl.

This site (probably) contains spoilers and is told from Vanellope's perpective.

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VanellopeVanellope is a little girl who just wants to race. The others won't let her because she just a "glitch" and glitches don't race. She's ostracized for being what they think is a glitch. It really hurts her feelings but she tries to get along with the other racers the best she can. Vanellope also says she's "not a glitch, it's pixlexia". It turns out she's not a glitch but a racer.

I believe her name comes from Vanilla and Penelope. But Vanellope also sounds similar to Vanilla Bean. I'm sticking with the former for her name as it seems to fit with the other racers (like Taffyta being Taffy and Tabitha). Her last name seems to be German because of the "von" and schweetz is a play off of sweets. Vanellope is also voiced by Sarah Silverman while I haven't seen a lot her stuff I think she did great as Vanellope. From her voice cracking as she's being made fun of, to full out screaming when her kart gets destroyed and by mimicking Ralph. There is just so much she covers with her voice, watching it you can really get a feel for what she (Vanellope) is going though by how she sounds.

Story Mode

Vanellope meets RalphVanellope sees Ralph by the candy cane trees and decides to talk to him; he lies and says he’s with the candy tree department. She makes fun of him and ends up stealing the medal he got from Hero's Duty. She makes fun of that too. Vanellope runs off with his medal and enters the race. It upsets a lot of people because she is a "glitch" and they aren't allowed to race. Ralph appears trying to get his medal back but ends up destroying a lot of the track and Vanellope escapes. Later off track in a junkyard area, Vanellope is just hanging around when the other racers show up. They make fun of her and bully her because they think she’s just a glitch and refuse to see her as a racer. Then Vanellope gets pushed into some chocolate (it's the mud in Sugar Rush). The other racers then pretend to glitch and destroy her kart. Ralph appears again but this time to defend Vanellope because he know what's it like to be bullied.

Learning to driveThe two make a deal, she wins the race and he gets his medal back. She drags him to the kart factory where they must build a new kart. They work together and create a new kart. Ralph apologizes because it's not very good but Vanellope absolutely adores it. They then sign their names on the work of art. It makes Ralph happy. The moment doesn't last long because King Candy finds them and chases them through Sugar Rush! The only problem is that Vanellope doesn’t know how to drive! She does, however, know secrets and shortcuts within Sugar Rush. After taking a shortcut through some lollipops they end up in what looks like an unfinished level, Diet Cola Mountain. This is where Vanellope trash and alone just like Ralph. He decides he is gonna teach her to drive, even though he doesn't know much more about driving then she does. The two spend time together learning driving and at the end she knows she’s gonna win. They leave the mountain but she forgets something and runs back.

Ralph destroys the kartWhen she comes back, she tells Ralph to close his eyes because he has something for him. She has hands him a heart shaded cookie medal that reads "You're my hero." Ralph is happy but somewhat sad. He tells her she can't race and when she gets up high to ask why she notices he has a medal and feels betrayed. He then hooks her onto a tree and destroys her kart. While she screams from him to stop. Once it's over she says "You really are a bad guy." She doesn't know why he did this just that it was terrible. She ends up getting arrested before the race and sits in the dungeon.

Ralph apologizesWhile sitting there waiting for the rest of eternity. The wall gets knocked it and it's Ralph! He slides her newly fixed kart in and tells her it's time to race. But of course he apologizes and insults himself first. Vanellope agrees to everything and they get to the track. Vanellope enters the race and tries not to glitch throughout the race but manages to get to second place, just a spot behind King Candy. While they try to pass each other their karts get stuck together and her glitches cause him to glitch too - Turbo! King Candy is a fraud and is really Turbo from another racing game that got shut down. Turbo infiltrated Sugar Rush locking away memories and stealing Vanellope's spot on the game which is why she glitches. She is about to be rammed into part of the track but glitches to freedom and continues the race only to crash because of some Cy-bugs that Ralph accidentally brought with him. Ralph and Felix (he came looking for Ralph with Calhoun and fixed her kart as well) try to get Vanellope unstuck so she can cross the finish line which with reset the game to its original status. But the Cy-bugs have other plans and destroy the track. Calhoun tells everyone to get out of Sugar Rush right now. Once most of the residents are evacuated Ralph tries to leave with Vanellope but can't. She's a glitch and can't leave, the Cy-bugs close in and Calhoun is doing her best to hold them off. Ralph does the only thing he can think of and runs towards Diet Cola Mountain to drop the mentor into the cola below. Calhoun and Felix stay behind to look after Vanellope but they can't take her with them when they leave, she decides there is still something she can do and goes to help Ralph. While he is falling with the mentos she zooms in and saves him with her racing and glitches.

Princess VanellopeOnce King Candy as been defeated, Calhoun, Felix and Ralph help Vanellope get her kart unstuck and pass the finish line. The game resets and it's reveled that Vanellope is the Princess of Sugar Rush but she quickly gives it up to be president. The residents come back and remember everything they apologize to her and she mentions executing them as a joke but they think she is serious. It's enough to get her point across. Afterwards, she and the other racers start getting along. Once the arcade is starting to open Ralph and the other must leave. But not before Ralph and Vanellope tease each other by name calling. They say good bye and continue on.

The WeddingLater during Calhoun and Felix's wedding, Vanellope and Ralph are seen as the maid of honor and best man respectively. She shows up in her princess dress and looks a little annoyed by it but she’s happy for her friends. After that during arcade hours she can look across the arcade and see Ralph who smiles and waves before getting tossed off of the building. She smiles and waves back every time.

Since Sugar Rush reset, she appears as an avatar that can race. People love her, glitches and all.

Game Notes

Vanellope and her kartI finally got a chance to see Wreck-It Ralph and I loved the movie. My gamer self was very pleased with it. I first thought about making a Vanellope site when Ralph was teaching her to drive. Then later I brought it up to Snow and was like “This is what I’m thinking” and she was like “Do it!” And so I did. I really like Vanellope; she is a character that can be related to. Like she wants to fit in and play with the other kids but she isn’t allowed to because she is different. It is hard for her but she keeps trying. Through her journey she makes friends that didn’t care if she was a glitch, princess, or president. She was herself and that’s all that mattered. I like that and I can relate. Real friends don’t care what you are as long as you are you. It was nice to see that in a Disney movie. It’s not like “Oh she’s the lead lady, everyone loves her” like in most of the movies. Different is good. Vanellope also has some similar traits to Quasimodo (Hunchback of Notre Dame) and Rapunzel (Tangled). She gets treated bad but makes good friends like Quasimodo. Then she is a secret princess who was locked away by the villain like Rapunzel. I’m also fond of those characters and movies.

Wreck-It Ralph got me to cry more than the other movies. I managed to hold it in when King Candy lied to Ralph and you see Vanellope beating on the force field because she can’t get out but I lost it when Ralph destroyed her kart. Then again when Ralph was trying to get her out of Sugar Rush because of the Cy-bugs and finally when Ralph is sacrificing himself while saying the Bad Anon affirmation. When I was a kid it was like these movies couldn’t make me cry no matter how sad the scene but now that I’m adult they creep up on me and make me cry! I try to hide it though but it doesn’t work so well. Like I said though, I really liked the movie even though it made me cry. It’s pretty good story telling. Though the shocking part was hearing Rihanna’s “Shut up and Drive” playing in the movie. Never thought I’d hear that in a Disney movie. I didn’t have any expectations when I went in watching this movie and I adore it now.

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