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This is Cherri's one page tribute to Disney's tempermental prince Beast from Beauty and the Beast. He is a selfish prince that only cares of outwards apperences. Cursed to live as a beast unless he can find someone who truly loves him for himself. He isn't really all that bad. Just stay out of the west wing and everything will be okay.

Beauty and the Beast, a tale as old as time. A young selfish prince cursed as a beast by an enchantress. He is given a rose and told that he must break the curse before the last petal falls. A stubborn woman comes into his life. Could she be the one? This Disney classic is based of off the fairytale "La Belle et la Bête" by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont.

This site (probably) contains spoilers and small section for Kingdom Hearts.

There Was a Prince

Once upon a time there was a young prince who was very spoiled. This prince was also very handsome and self centered. One day an old woman came by the castle seeking shelter and was willing to pay with a beautiful rose for it's all she had. The prince scoffed at this old woman because she was so hideous and would not except her offer. The old woman transformed as she was a magical enchantress who wanted to see how the prince was by his actions she was appalled and cursed him. He was to be a beast, a hideous creature, unless he could find someone to love him despite his looks by his 21st birthday. (And that was about 10 years away.) No matter how much the prince begged the enchantress she wouldn't relent and she left him and his castle under this spell. Was he ever to find true love before the last petal of the Rose fell?

And He Was a Jerk

This castle was out of the way as the nearby village didn't seem to know about it or just forgot about in time as the castle inhabitants stopped interacting with the outside world. The servants were now objects like clocks, candlesticks and dishes, and The Lord was a dreadful beast. Then one day an inventor by the name of Maurice came by seeking shelter, he lost his horse and his way. The servants invited him in and made him comfy. However, it turned into a nightmare when the Beast found out! He told Maurice to get out and to go away, he yelled but never attacked. Eventually he threw the poor man into the dungeon.

Sometime later a woman appears looking for her father, her name is Belle and she is quite ordinary and odd for a woman. The servants are ecstatic when she comes into the castle because she could be "the one." They inform the master of this and he is just has happy as they are but he tries to hide it. He confronts this woman and she exchanges her father's place for hers. She agrees to stay on the condition that her father is allowed to leave. The Beast agrees to it and sends Maurice on his way. Belle is terrified of the Beast’s appearance but stays nonetheless.

Beast tells Belle she is allowed to go anywhere in the castle except the west wing and never tells her why. They live in the same castle but not together. The servants constantly remind Beast to mind his temper and that Belle could be the one to break the spell. Beast does try to be nice to Belle but she is a rather stubborn woman! He gets easily frustrated with her and tells her to starve and she retorts that she will.

The servants treat her nice and tell her that the master isn't all bad. She knows but finds him to be stubborn and temperamental which is true. Belle finally gets the nerve to go where she was not allowed and Beast finds out, and he is the most furious that she has ever seen. He yells at her and she gets terribly frightened and runs out. But Beast follows her and saves her from wolves, he gets injured for this and they both return to the castle. When they return she bandages him and they get into a fight. A screaming match of "if you didn't do this I would have done that" but Beast gives up and Belle thanks him for saving her life.

After this they get along better. They have snow ball fights, dances, they eat and read together too. Beast even gives Belle her own wall to wall to floor to ceiling library, complete with giant windows for light. One night after they dance Belle seems upset and Beast asks her if she is unhappy with him. She tells him that she is very happy and that she misses her father. Beast smiles and gives her an enchanted mirror that will show her whatever she wants to see and she sees her father sick and becomes sick with worry herself. Beast lets her go and keep the mirror.

While Belle is away, Beast is quite unhappy as he loves Belle deeply. He wants to be with her but he wants her to be happy. It's quite the dilemma for him because he isn't used to these feelings. Suddenly! A town mob appears to kill Beast. He yells at them to go away but they don't listen and Gaston goes to kill Beast himself and win Belle's heart. Beast and Gaston fight on the castle roof. Beast rarely attacks and mostly dodges and yells at Gaston to get out. Belle appears on the balcony and calls for Beast. Like a lost puppy he quickly rushes to her but Gaston comes up behind him and stabs him in the side causing Beast great pain and forcing him to move. This causes Gaston to lose balance and fall to his own death. Belle helps Beast onto the balcony where he passes out and the curse is broken due to Belle's love. They two then live happily together. I like to think that they invited Maurice to live in the castle with them.

The End

What I like about Beast is that everything he does is for Belle. Even if he is threw a fit because of something, it's still for Belle. He even let her father go for her. He chases after her and protects her. Sure he has temper problems but he actually isn't that bad of a guy. He doesn't attack anyone except the wolves and that’s to protect Belle. But he never attacks Maurice or Gaston.

In Kingdom Hearts this continues on. After Belle is taken, Beast travels world after world until he finds her. And of course, he is not going to leave without her. He teams up with Sora after he loses to Riku. They search the palace and Beast finally leaves when Belle is safe and ready to go. In Kingdom Hearts II, Beast and Belle appear again. This time at Beast's castle where Xaldin of the Organization XIII tries to take over. I can't believe he thought his plan would work. Beast and Sora team up again to defeat the heartless. Xaldin captures Belle and tells Beast "the girl or the Rose?" Both important to Beast, he must chose. But before he says "Belle", she is a step ahead of him and elbows Xaldin. He is shocked! She takes the opportunity to grab the Rose and get away. She runs straight to Beast. Once safe, Beast and Sora fight Xaldin and push him back to where he leaves. I think it was really cool of Belle to do what she did, knowing that she and the Rose were important to Beast and didn't want him to choose. I believe he would have chosen Belle over the Rose. And I think she believed this as well and that's why she attacked Xaldin. The group later finds out that Beast is really a prince! Beast lets Sora know that if he needs help to call on him because Belle will be safe in the castle.

And that's why I love Beast. He is so devoted to Belle. He would pick her over curing his own curse because she is all he needs. Cursed or not, Belle loves him and all his stubborn and temper throwing fits. Through knowing Belle, Beast does become softer and has less tantrums. I don't feel he changed completely but enough to matter. He was able to change part of himself and it was for the better. Though when it involves Belle, he still has quite the tantrums just not directed at her.

My firend Sarah helped me with the site name. Snow read over and beta my shrine.

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